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if you can ignore that shit.. i cp from aim lmao.. and also.. i tagged people i want to go to splash too <3

nysha (5:46:44 PM): LMAO theres a shit load i wanna do

Kellyann(5:46:51 PM): me too LOL

nysha (5:47:33 PM): A4133: Music Theory 1: Music Fundamentals

nysha (5:47:38 PM): A4142: History of Musical Theater

nysha (5:47:47 PM): A4048: Introduction to Chinese Art History

nysha (5:48:01 PM): A3989: What's on your iPod?

nysha (5:48:29 PM): A4212: How to make plush sushi

nysha (5:48:58 PM): A3719: To Infinity and Beyond! The History of Pixar

nysha (5:49:20 PM): C4293: The Internet and Computer Networks

nysha (5:49:30 PM): C3980: Bit Hacks

nysha (5:49:42 PM): C4345: Math on the T

nysha (5:49:49 PM): C3991: Haskell, Hands-On

nysha (5:49:59 PM): C4235: The Architecture of Microsoft Windows

nysha (5:50:13 PM): C4009: Programming Your TI Graphing Calculator !!!!!!!!!!! WANT

nysha (5:50:20 PM): C4103: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in Java

nysha (5:50:28 PM): C3961: The Languages of the Internet

nysha (5:50:52 PM): C3876: Make Your Own Website! (Introduction to web design using HTML)

nysha (5:50:58 PM): C3892: Intro to iPhone (iOS) Application Development!!

Kellyann(5:51:04 PM): LOL

nysha (5:51:06 PM): C3975: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

nysha (5:51:13 PM): C4134: Karel the Robot teaches Java Programming

Kellyann(5:51:20 PM): so much

nysha (5:51:28 PM): betch im not even halfway done yet

Kellyann(5:51:43 PM): i know

nysha (5:51:46 PM): E4304: Duct Tape and Zipties Engineering

nysha (5:52:02 PM): E4218: Take stuff apart!

nysha (5:52:24 PM): E3832: Guitar Hero Modding/Workshop

Kellyann(5:52:34 PM): WHAT^? i didnt see tht

nysha (5:52:56 PM): LOL

nysha (5:53:33 PM): maybe as a backup class H3969: Glorious Music

nysha (5:53:45 PM): MOFO YUS H4380: History of the Star Wars Galaxy (Part 1)

nysha (5:54:09 PM): maybe H4405: Social Psychology

nysha (5:54:24 PM): lol H4197: How to Win Friends and Influence People

nysha (5:55:10 PM): maybe H3829: Introduction to Chinese Writing

nysha (5:55:49 PM): yoo H3860: Fun with English

nysha (5:56:08 PM): if i even go to part 1 H4381: History of the Star Wars Galaxy (Part 2)

nysha (5:56:58 PM): LOL YEA H4026: Chinese Internet Slang

Kellyann(5:57:05 PM): LOL me too^

nysha (5:57:09 PM): <3

nysha (5:57:16 PM): ima make a fb note of classes lmao

Kellyann(5:57:22 PM): okay

nysha (5:58:06 PM): H4403: History of Video Game Music

nysha (5:58:12 PM): H3830: Introduction to Mandarin Chinese

nysha (5:58:58 PM): H4184: Introduction to Cantonese LOL maybe

Kellyann(5:59:12 PM): go^

Kellyann(5:59:13 PM): lol

Kellyann(5:59:16 PM): i wont though

Kellyann (5:59:25 PM): since i know most of it

nysha (5:59:37 PM): LOL

nysha (6:00:49 PM): (for those who went last year LMFAO M3922: Accelerated High School Math Difficulty: Hard - This class may be exceptionally difficult Lester Kim )

nysha (6:00:58 PM): thats just a note cause ima cp most of this to fb

Kellyann (6:01:19 PM): ?

nysha (6:01:43 PM): splash 09 insiderrr

Kellyann (6:01:49 PM): lol

Kellyann (6:01:51 PM): okayyyy

Kellyann(6:03:03 PM): X4333: Intro to J-Rock <3

Kellyann(6:03:04 PM): hahaha

nysha (6:03:08 PM): S4062: The Chemistry of Ice Cream

nysha (6:03:15 PM): W4347: Sailor Moon

Kellyann (6:03:19 PM): LOL

nysha (6:03:22 PM): W4155: Laptop DJing for Novices

Kellyann (6:03:53 PM): X4329: Chocolate tasting seminar

Kellyann (6:03:57 PM): ;D

nysha (6:04:13 PM): wont go but lololol W4176: How to Dance like Napoleon Dynamite xD

nysha (6:04:20 PM): W4253: How to Speak Ridiculously Fast

Kellyann (6:04:21 PM): LOL i know

nysha (6:04:26 PM): W4233: Walk-in in a Lego Wonderland

nysha (6:04:37 PM): W3871: Duct Tape Crafts <3

nysha (6:04:44 PM): <333 W4030: Telephone Pictionary

Kellyann (6:04:49 PM): X4110: Learn to play Go <3

Kellyann (6:04:52 PM): ^^^^

Kellyann (6:04:55 PM): korean game

Kellyann (6:05:01 PM): ^^^

nysha (6:05:01 PM): W4355: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!

nysha (6:05:11 PM): orly

Kellyann (6:05:23 PM): yeah it really popular in korea

Kellyann (6:05:35 PM): alex played it in wgm

Kellyann(6:05:39 PM): with shin ae

nysha (6:05:47 PM): W4401: Beat me at Kirby's Avalanche!

nysha (6:05:55 PM): i kno ima add it to my want

nysha (6:06:16 PM): X4333:

nysha (6:06:34 PM): X3924: Urban Adventures: Eateries and Playgrounds

nysha (6:06:37 PM): maybe lmao

Kellyann(6:06:46 PM): lol

nysha (6:06:54 PM): X4079: Chinese Games YOO MANG

Kellyann(6:07:01 PM): LOL

nysha (6:07:02 PM): X4329:

nysha (6:07:24 PM): X4008: How to Ace Your College Admissions Interviews you should go

Kellyann(6:07:31 PM): ^ i cants see it

Kellyann(6:07:42 PM): X4329

Kellyann(6:07:46 PM): that one i cant see

nysha (6:07:54 PM): i know you already put it the chocolate

Kellyann(6:08:00 PM): ooh

Kellyann(6:08:01 PM): LOL

nysha (6:08:05 PM): X4110:

nysha (6:08:13 PM): X4227: Dance! X4227: Dance! X4227: Dance! X4227: Dance! X4227: Dance! X4227: Dance! X4227: Dance! X4227: Dance! X4227: Dance!

Kellyann(6:08:21 PM): X4183: An Introduction to Lucid Dreaming ;D

nysha (6:08:59 PM): X3990: First Contact: The Art of Meeting New PeopleX3990: First Contact: The Art of Meeting New People

Kellyann(6:09:10 PM): X4354: How to solve a Rubik's Cube i already know ;D

nysha (6:09:23 PM): X3921: How Your Brain Lies To You hehe

nysha (6:09:33 PM): X3923: Intro to Hipster Culture

Kellyann(6:09:51 PM): X4112: Yakuza: the Japanese mafia.

Kellyann(6:09:53 PM): LOL

Kellyann(6:09:56 PM): <3

nysha (6:09:57 PM): X4248: Anything you want to know about Star Wars!

nysha (6:10:35 PM): X4342: Spreading Happiness

X4342: Spreading Happiness

X4342: Spreading Happiness

X4342: Spreading Happiness

X4342: Spreading Happiness

X4342: Spreading Happiness

X4342: Spreading Happiness

X4342: Spreading Happiness

X4342: Spreading Happiness

nysha (6:10:45 PM): X4147: Introduction to Japanese Mahjong :O

Kellyann(6:10:52 PM): ;OOOOOOOOOOOo

nysha (6:10:54 PM): X4267: Make Your Own Stuffed Animals, Pillows, and Whatever-You-Wants

Kellyann(6:10:57 PM): is it the same as chinese?

nysha (6:11:03 PM): i guess not

nysha (6:11:11 PM): it doesnt just say mj

nysha (6:11:16 PM): its japanese~~

Kellyann(6:11:29 PM): X3863: LockPicking 101

Kellyann(6:11:30 PM): LOL

Kellyann(6:11:32 PM): haha

nysha (6:11:40 PM): OH i wanted that one too

nysha (6:12:21 PM): :D

Kellyann (6:12:30 PM): X4359: Intro to Pen Spinning

Kellyann (6:12:32 PM): ;D

Car thoughts

My baby brother is maintaining his own site. Bought a domain and all.I'm happy. And my oppa got his phone fixed :). So we can chat. I got a chop chop ninja app. Hehe. I think I'm fading out of talking to Danny a lot. But I have to see you know -_-  yea. Only those who ask. O nvm f that. To sum it up in 10 words. 
We hung out once after that. But we hardly talk now. Feels like last summer when I had to get to know him. Lmfao. I wanna start over. Names and all. But I decided to be a bit like thu and if one person doesn't comply go to others. So I talk to thu raymundo ari and mike a lotish. Lol. Ish. Depends. Just got back from a kid party. Hot more effin bug bites. 
I want a bf. But I don't think going around singing "girl....I need a girl" would get me one hahahahaha. <3
I wish I could help people. I know my job would so gt me off him. And I'm back to feeding off others romances and happies to make me happy. Lol. 
Nancy n Sean <3 
New mentor Andy <3
lmao so I was telling Andy "eve mentor from ww is in my phone as weird name. Nancy is NANCY!!!!  Sean is Seannnnnnnnn. Ned is Peter pan." then Andy was like " wow. Wounded what I would be" Nd I said "well see " 
:D took An hour to get to know any a bit. Lmao. While we waited for our kids to show up lost and all. 
Then I did gssa. It was fun. I effin lost speed build. First time I helped the girl. And refresh my memory haven't done it in two years. Then we did it in partners like one at a time ish. F that. Lol. I got third in speedbuild wit my partner girl. Middle schooler. Ugh. Lmao. But ignore. 
Work starts back up on Monday. Well it started tue. And hen I ditch 2 days to go to gssa. So yea boat trip. But I'm goin to Chinatown early to get snacks before I go ahahaha. <3

and oh yea betch. The LXD came out. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehegrbxkshdbekayrbrkdifhbfkeux. I love it Jon m chu you unsexi mastermind. Lol. Hehe. Fuck we are just now leaving NYC. Just gettin over that damn bridge.  Other than that life oh wAit. Ima repeat tenth grade. K thanx. Bai. Other that that I'm ok. Lifes boring. 
I love you. Ok ? Thanks ! Bye ~ 

Jul. 4th, 2010

I remember my first glimpse of her face.
I saw you smile, then I smiled.
I was straight blown away.
Mesmerised by your beauty from your feet to your hands.
How can one be so beautiful? I don't understand.
Heaven sent; God's gift, without a doubt in my mind.
Sometimes I wonder why our paths decided to collide.
We started off as perfect strangers, boy meets girl.
Infatuation to love.
Now you're my whole entire world.

Myk. Map the soul worldwide version.

Thought of this. "no reason to live without you". That's what they say. That's also what pastor ray said. About god. But I immediatey thought of this song. Lol.

I was actually looking for ero ones verse. The Christian verse. Lool. Found it. D: skipped tablo vlol.

So I ask, what would I be without you?
Like Stevie without Wonder, hunger without food.
A sheep without a shepard. A sleep without your message
that despite the skeptics, in the end you were true.
And I knew that there was more to life.
And I grew living for the light.
I took my answers, combined them with yours.
It made life exciting, but it closed some doors.
World in crisis(?) my life accelerated then deflated,
sunk to bottom then elevated till I faded.
But you always had my back though.
When kids threw rocks at me,
I'm on stage rapping.
Still, I see kids without love.
It brings tears to my soul but while they always dry up
the world's gone bonkers, your heart in fear.
And as long as I believe, you're the reason I'm here.
yay schools out lol.. i have a list of people i NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED to hang out with.. and sadly..they are mostly dudes.. WTH ahaha, im turning into my ninja turtle..damn... i need to hang ut with

1) ninja turtle
3)mike z
4)small asian girls who i havent been talking to a lot...
[shit i forgot danny until i started typing the endish of this post.. i wanna put him first but last but its just ....]

[ WOO FUCKING TINK~~ =] love her oh damn she got a man ]

ok, and more about my summer.. so jcl was like banggin...lol was fun.. at my teachers house chillin with people i got to know a bit.. and thats my big fear, i just got to know these people and i am going to have to repeat the grade. Thats no problem , but the thing is i might have to go to a different school. because te one i am at now is not working for me..thats major shit.....ive been here for years but my grades have just been getting worse....
fml..i hardly say that buy i mean it..so right now im at arivus house just chillin..
so now im just thinking about how my summer would go i mean ......shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit im repeating most likely and then im doing ww and geeksquad and i have to study...if i can mayyyybe at least learn some latin by the end of this summer then....maybe i could stay and learn a bit.. :/

and peoples drama shit .. people have mad drama i try to stay out but i like to help. so yeah..i guess im stepping out my bubble i guess.. I guess stepping out is good, but its iffy cause just as i step out i might have to switch >.<

so i just you know, but back to what i thought i was gonna say.. yeah.. my itouch can tell me the like DAY i started talking to danny again and thats one of the only conversations i have not deleted.. so idek what i wanna say, because im not fully focused on school..never fully liking other guys.....just you know sometimes still wishing i hung out with him..a bit....like that one day we went to the library then ended up in chinatown.. but it was raining... i really should have ran to the train station and went home.. i was in FLIPFLOPPS bittch i cant run much and it was a shit load of rain.. lol.. but then we still ran.. we went to get bubble tea.. then we then sat there for a bit talking.. he got food..we talked.. i took pictures of the fish behind him.. just a bit creeper no? but really it was only like that because i didnt wanna keep looking him in the face so i started looking at the fish behind him.. yeah so im a fail so i might still like him a tad, but at least not as much as before..loool.. and yeah.. i tell people about when i call him we sing glee songs but, one time after singing glee songs he was just singing so i asked him to sing tong hua <3 for one tong hua is so nice, or two... i liked hearing him sing tong hua <3 like i just wanted to fall asleep listing to him sing tong hua..no life i have....lol.. and i never told how much i loved that day at loris house...we played games..it was just too much fun...thats a day i kinda never wanted to end, a call i wanted to keep on going...

i realize i smile around him still..i cant really make a bored face even if im bored unlike with other people..no offence people i love reading this aha.. <3and so yeah lost my train of thought again.. ahaha... but yeah :/ iffy lifestyyyyle ahahahahahahahhahahahahahhhhahahah no...my hands type without thinking.. so its nothing.if im crazy or bitchy or justdamn acting like a dipshit....its me and my fingers.. this is not a head to paper, this is a heart to paper.. i havent really said these things anywhere else..lol.. this is my first day off.. oh oh oh o hoh shit i know...

i was in the library all day thur before the last days of school..and i didnt text danny like all day.. and he was like it felt weird with me not "spamming" him all day.. lol so i was like you miss me "spamming" you he was like " just a bit.. and then i was like :D ahahaha.. and then sometimes i message him when i wake to say mornin.. and sometimes i get busy and forget.. but he messages me and says hi...OH SHIT DAMN... so yeah those are ok days and i really havent talked to him much after his YC retreat :/ lol.. but ehh its busy? or lack of busy ?!! ahaha.. maybe ill im him later idek..shit how did this post become all about him and not ME..damn......... so

nice readin :P

KTHANXBAI <3 <3 <3... oh btw unni im me soonish? and i really need my oppa to im me.... even if this whore is in atl..prepairing to go to korea later in the summer.. :]

Jun. 20th, 2010



나 어떡해요 언니
내 말을 들어봐
내가 사람을 언니

참 엉뚱하다 만날
나만 놀리지
내가 정말 예뻐
그렇다면 돼

독창적 별명 짓기
예를 들면 궁디 순디
맘에 들어 손 번쩍 들기
정말 난 NU ABO

mystery mystery 몰라 몰라 아직 너는 몰라
기본 기본 사랑공식 사람들의 이별공식
hysteric hysteric 달라 달라 나는 너무 달라
내 맘대로 내 뜻대로 좋아 좋아 NU ABO

나나나나 나나 나나나나 나나나나나 나나나나
나나나나 나나 나나나나 나나나나나 NU ABO

내 말 들어봐요 언니
I’m in the trance
지금 이 감정은 뭐죠
난 처음인데
가슴 두근두근 마치
난 구름 위를 둥둥

딱 세번 싸워보기
헤어질때 인사 않기
보고 싶은 나 생각 들땐
커플링 만져보기

mystery mystery 몰라 몰라 아직 너는 몰라
기본 기본 사랑공식 사람들의 이별공식
hysteric hysteric 달라 달라 나는 너무 달라
내 맘대로 내 뜻대로 좋아 좋아 NU ABO

나나나나 나나 나나나나 나나나나나 나나나나
나나나나 나나 나나나나 나나나나나 NU ABO

사랑에 빠진건 너무 멋진 일인데
나만의 감정은 못 잊을 그대로 갖는걸 yeah~
새롭게 좀 튀게 마치 꿈을 키워가는것
mystery ABO 그건 모두 다 너인걸 바로 너란걸 ooh~
What you, what you call. What you, what you, what you call

Yes, this is how we do it our love f(x)! Yeah! Yeah!
Yeah, this is how we do it pure love f(x)! Yeah! Yeah!
Yeah, this is how we do it baby, love f(x)! uh~

이런 모습 어때 이게 나인 걸 어떡해
나의 곁엔 네가 있어 특별한건데 yeah~

mystery mystery 몰라 몰라 아직 너는 몰라
기본 기본 사랑공식 사람들의 이별공식
hysteric hysteric 달라 달라 나는 너무 달라
내 맘대로 내 뜻대로 좋아 좋아 NU ABO

나나나나 나나 나나나나 나나나나나 나나나나
나나나나 나나 나나나나 나나나나나 나나나나
나나나나 나나 나나나나 나나나나나 NU ABO (yeah! yeah! yeah, this is how we do it pure love f(x))
나나나나 나나 나나나나 나나나나나 NU ABO (yeah! yeah! yeah, this is how we do it baby)

Credits – dorkiilove+Bestiiz
Nobody. Nobody. But chu. Clap clap step clap. 

Nothing in my life goes right >.< my dad. Aunt carol. School. Ugh. 
Ima prob repeat tenth grade T^T I've come to terms with it but

Ok so I had a dream. Imagine the whole shool or whatever on a trip. And we have to take a shuttle bus to our place everyday. And Other schools take it too. And there's this nice looking Asian that sits net to me eveyday. Idek why. It's a dream. So on a day near the last day. I make a move kinda. I place my arm on his legs "unknowingly" and then my friend who I'm talking to tells me he has a creeper look on his face. As if he kinda is ok with it. Then somehing happens then he puts his arm around me and I grab it and intertwine our hands. Then we proceed to sit close like *^_^*. Then he tries to add his number but doesn't know how to Work my phone.and tells me his name too. But nither worked. It being a dream and those details not being real. But he's from Canada.  I remember that. Hahaha. And then umm. I wake up next to my friend. And is sad. So I try to sleep again and continue. And it just fails.  Lmao. /: 
Oh lemmie tell you that dream that was like I went to some store with [anasianyouknow] and then as we got in line to buy our stuff he was kinda close behind me. Likeeee reallllly close. Then I steped back a bit to be close then my mom woke me up. Arggg. Then I tried to go back to sleep. But what I then got was [anasianyouknow] leaving the store to go buy a hat. :/ but haha. [anasianyouknow] doesn't wear that many hats.so maybe it wasn't him? Idek. Haha it was an Asian I knew. 
And hose are my two dreams. Haha. Different times. But you kno. Haha.   

Some is unfinished. This was as I thought it. Lol. Another mind to paper post.

dee ho this is a fb chat

and lmao this kid made a facebook
9:42pm Unni
Which kid?
cause our math group needed to keep in contact
this kid david ho
who has the nicest hair
and is cute
and ive known since 6th grade
no sriously hes cute lmao, always a pleasure to see
and its nice when he talks.. cause he NEVER talks in math
Well it's math, you can't really talk
and im one of his 3 first facebook friends HAHA
first one on his wall too bad its math related
sometimes i want to say hi , but since we dont talk a lot its awakard
i remember when i found out it was his birthday i made him a mini card during math class cause i was ehh being nice =] haha
Awww that's cute
and last year during history class i swear him and this kid was being bitches, the other kid once or twice tried saying david liked me buy im like wth nooo never can be true its david ho haha..
and thats it ...
unless you wanna go back to 6th grade
never told that to anyone hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahhahaha any of that
I don't like when kids do that, girls and boys can just be friends
but i hardly talk to him haha
really last year we sat on opposite sides of the class

only 6th grade and math class this year have we really sat near eachother

Jun. 13th, 2010

I say:
safari crashed ><
but watcha doin

jmhu says:
I say:
what :3
jmhu says:
im mad depressed
I say:
what you doin this saturday jinming hu
jmhu says:
im going to be depressed
I say:
don't be depressed :3
jmhu says:
i just cant seem to get out this slump
I say:
ima give you a hug
jmhu says:
if i could just get over this hump....
I say:
and now you totally must hang out with me and my friend on saturday
jmhu says:
but i need something to pull me out this dump
I say:
-->ME ME ME!!! <-- lemmie help you
do things you like?
go for someone you like?
jmhu says:
i dont know
i cant just sit back and wallow
in my own sorrow
I say:
hang out with me and my friend on saturday :3
and ima give you a huuuuuug tomorrow
what makes you happy
does sports? or does piano ? or does girls *wigglewggle*
is there someone that can make you happy ?
btw. your always on fb chat so liiiiittle
by the time i notice you, your off
jmhu says:
i like to lose myself in the music, the moment
I say:
and music
play piano one day after school :]
jmhu says:
that could be the spark to get psyched back up
I say:
tuesday , you should
cause i wanna see :3
nd monday i have group meeting T^T
cause, i dont want you to be like dave
i wanna help catch you before you fall into daves emo fail
jmhu says:
everythings so tense and gloom....
as soon as i walk in its like all eyes on me
so i try to avoid eye contact
I say:
no T^T dont avoid it
embrace it , if you feel like ppl are loking at you give it your all to be number one
Just be YOU JmHu
not some sad shell of an asian
jmhu says:
nah im fine
im not rly depressed
I say:
better not be >.<
jmhu says:
i think...
I say:
i suggest a blog
to express your feelings to yourself and just get them out
idk if this will make you a tad happy but
lets see
i go on ebuddy
for you and my bestfriend
thats it.. cause msn and gmail
i dont talk to people much
so only you and my bff
jmhu says:
no its ok
thnx for caring
but im fine
I say:
ok :] you better be
dont get depressed >:]
thats an order
but no really
your totally hanging with me and my friend on satuday
jmhu says:
no thnx
ill just lock myself in the bedroom, bathroom, napping at noon
I say:
jmhu says:
i guess im just going through changes
I say:
hang out
hanging out with people other than dave
would be a good thing
for you
jmhu says:
or i can just sit alone in my home theater watching the same damn dvd
I say:
jmhu says:
I say:
no one that knows you saw it haha

procrastination FTW
jmhu says:
im not rly depressed
I say:
what was all that then?
just trying to get to see if i'd help you?
jmhu says:
and i appreciate ur niceness
I say:
thats why im your favorite personn~~~
hehe you didnt deny that im your favorite

facebooks i like shit

mike z.
cause i needed a place to think. and i forgot to do it.. haha

i like your hugs
i like that your still nice to me even after i terrorize you
i like how i just borrow your hat
i love how you can be serious and still be yourself at the same time
i love how your crazy and wild but anything else would be weird
i like how you have random jokes that are wrong but i still laugh
i love how when i hang with you i usually have something to laugh about
i love how you run away from me even if im not there to poke you
i like how you think im out to get you
your one of the coolest people even if we dont talk much
i love how when i first aimed you the first few times you let me spazz even if we wern't that close
i'd love to get to know you more, because you seem like a person really worth knowing..
i like how ive gone from just calling you chubb-chubb to mike, because in my mind that means youve gotten to be a better friend.
i love how you never ask about my life because, you don't care haha.
i like how i was going to end this because i thought i had nothing to say,
yet i still keep typing >.<
and i just keep typing like ima find more things to say when i really dont know what to say.
that time i said on your wall i was gonna do it later because i said i like that your you.. yeah
this i why i didnt type. i guess i didnt know what to say, or how to describe you and the weird things you do..

p.s i like poking you..


idek where to start..
bbut i might start doing this for people..


whs tht boy
my friend
wht kind of friend l.a.y.
lol.. whats that abrev?
laughing at u
thats rude loool..
just a friend =]
im jealous
lol.. that pic was from Jr.Prom
no it was at ur house
oh please, like my house is that nice lol
mine is
lol.. ohh~ jellin'
i no
lol.. but really that was at jrprom

>.> really wth...

back to jinming... as if i started..
hes cool
hes tall
hes nice
hes a comfortable person to be around..
he believes 3 is company..
he seems to not really know who he is, but knows who he is..
lets me go in his pockets sometimes.. cause i always give back whatever i take..
lets me see his itouch <3
says he hates everyone
but says im cool
a really cool person that doesnt know his worth..

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